We have management packages tailored to suit you as an owner and/or investor. We are also happy to customize any of our packages to ensure that you get the best possible management service for your Happy Days in the sunny Algarve.

We are a, multilingual, friendly and vibrant company with a professional and positive outlook. Our reliable and experienced staff are well equipped to eliminate most of the hassles that may arise. If we cannot do it ourselves, rest assured we have the most suitable professionals for the specific task at hand.

Here at Happy Days we take pride in our attention to detail as well as the wellbeing of our clients in regards to costs and quality. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your investment is being managed in a professional and efficient way.

After all we are here to help you make a profit on your investment and as we like to say “a penny saved is a penny earned!

What we do as your Property Manager:

  • Management
  • Key-holding and Security
  • Regular property inspections
  • Mail collection
  • Bill payments service Cleaning service
  • General Maintenance /Repairs
  • Renovations and/or Restorations
  • Jacuzzi, Pool, Garden Maintenance
  • Rentals service
  • 24hr Emergency service
  • Welcome / arrival packs
  • … and anything else you need


We take care of all aspects of your property and keep you informed. From general up keep including full repairs and/or rentals. Ensuring that everything is up to date and ready for any visits to the property.

Key holding and Security

As we are trusted with the keys to your property no one enters your property without permission or supervision as agreed on.

Regular Property Inspections

We believe it is essential to inspect your property on a regular basis when it’s not being inhibited to ensure upkeep of maintenance and report of any issues if they should arise. But also to reduce or report break-ins which occur when the property is left empty for too long.

Mail collection / bill payment

Mail arrives and bills need to be paid, this is included in the monthly Management fee.

Cleaning Service

Our cleaning staff will keep your house in an immaculate state always keeping details in mind. When entering a home, it should feel fresh, as if you are the first and only person that has been there, ready to enjoy your holiday. Mid-stay cleans can be arranged to freshen the house during a visit. Laundry service is provided.


We take care of all general maintenance ensuring that your house is kept in the best possible state. Touch ups and/or larger jobs will always be discussed and agreed on with the Owner as per request.


Our clients often like to expand, remodel, renovate or restore parts of their property. Many jobs can be done through us with our trusted Handyman and what he and his team cannot do be assured that we have the best contacts for those that can. No job is too big or too small for us and we aim for quality as a good investment goes a long way and saves you money in the long run! Knowing where to cut costs is something we can advise you further on.

No big repairs are done without the Owner’s consent and you are always updated on job progress by email with pictures and explanations so you are always well informed on what is going on in your property.


We clean and maintain your Jacuzzi regularly so that you and your guests get to enjoy it to the fullest. Replacing parts and even main repairs can be done by us. We also supply cover refurbishing and protective covers out of adequate materials for the strong Algarve sun rays included with 3 to 8 year guarantee, if looked after well.


We can ensure that your pool is well cleaned and look after. A well maintained and regulated pool is key to having hygienic water, weather you use chlorine, salt, ionized or ultraviolet pool disinfection. We are also in synergy with some of the best pool building companies in the Algarve in the event of any repairs that may be needed.


A beautiful garden can give you that needed Zen experience and allows you to make the best out of every day in the Algarve. Let our professional gardening team enhance your experience in your garden and advise you of what is best here for you regarding our climate but also help save on that large water bill.


Happy Days offers multiple rental packages to accommodate our client’s needs. We are diverse and always keen to impress. We take care of anything from advertising to taking the bookings, preparing the property, shopping for what is necessary and restock were needed to keep a smooth flow threw out each rental. Meet and Greets and assisting during their stay. Our trusted cleaning staff take care of getting your house cleaned and sparkling for your guests. Laundry service is also included in our package.

24hr Emergency Service

We offer our 24hr support to our clients and guests as one never knows what might happen. Assuring you when needing it the most.

Welcome/arrival packs

It is always a welcome feeling when you arrive and the house is cooled in the summer months or warmed in winter. On request we can provide yourself or your guests with a welcome or arrival packs. From filling the refrigerator or adding little touches such as flowers, chocolates or a bottle of wine. This is especially useful when there are late arrivals and all stores are closed.

…and anything else you need…

If there is anything we have not included or whether you have any special requests or needs, you are sure find us useful in providing our best possible service to satisfy our clients.

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